Twelve quick tips for deploying a Beacon

Some hints for Beacon developers & implementers

Lauren A Fromont, Mauricio Moldes, Michael Baudis, Anthony J Brookes, Arcadi Navarro and Jordi Rambla

PLoS Comput Biol. 2024 Mar 1;20(3):e1011817.

Introduction: In the age of data-driven biomedical research and clinical practice, the sharing of genomic and clinical data for health research and personalized medicine has become an important contribu- tor to improved diagnosis and treatment. From the data owner’s perspective, potential benefits include improved treatments, personalization of healthcare practice, and more effective con- trol of disease proliferation. However, the requirement for high levels of data security to pro- tect sensitive information presents a barrier to data discovery and sharing.

Beacon is designed to enable the benefits of data discovery while minimizing the associated risks...