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A Biobank Supporting Rare Disease Research In Dermatopathology. Our Experience In Establishing A Biobank.

Beleut M, Seclaman E, Baudis M, Nicula A, and Solovan C

RoJCED 2, 202-206 (2015)

Abstract Biobanks of human patient sample tissues and blood fractions are increasingly recognized as major assets in disease research. We aim to identify DNA copy number and gene expression aberrations typical of different cutaneous pathologies. Another goal is the identification of circulating biomarkers both as prognostic, therapy- responsive and/or therapy-monitoring factors and as disease classifiers and subclassifiers.

We established a complex biobank, the first as such in Romania, based on fresh frozen material and formalin fixed parafine embedded specimen, backed up by an exhaustive database with focus on cases of cutaneous lymphoma and inflammatory diseases, but also basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas, melanomas. At present, the biobank contains 320 patients peripheral blood ,tissue samples and extracted DNA specimens , with full authorization of the donors for use in research activities and approval by ethic committees and authorities. An important feature of our genomic data analysis is the integration of molecular data generated during our studies to results deposited in genomic data repositories ( We expect a high level of impact of our research for the development of diagnostic tools and identification of candidate molecules for targeted therapies.