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Simple Map Plotting Utility

This utility allows the plotting of Google maps with included proportional markers, based on a file accessible through an URL (e.g. a Dropbox share link).

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Genome editions and liftover

Since the first release in 2000, the human reference genome is continuously being worked on. While the most recent major release (GRCh38) dates back to 2013, minor releases (GRCh38.pX) are issued more frequently and can be downloaded from the official NCBI Genome Reference Consortium website.

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Some Regular Expressions and moreā€¦

This page contains some regular expressions which have come in handy during our work. Code is in Perl style syntax.

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Array Re-shuffling in Perl

This dependency-free array randomiser will return a re-shuffled array or a slice of random $iL array elements.

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