DNA copy number imbalances in primary cutaneous lymphomas (PCL)

Gug G, Huang Q, Chiticariu E, Solovan C and Baudis M (2018)

bioRxiv, 2018-09-14. doi:10.1101/417766

Abstract Cutaneous lymphomas (CL) represent a clinically defined group of extranodal non-Hodgkin lymphomas harboring heterogeneous and incompletely delineated molecular aberrations. Over the past decades, molecular studies have identified several chromosomal aberrations, but the interpretation of individual genomic studies can be challenging. We conducted a meta-analysis to delineate genomic alterations for different types of PCL. Searches of PubMed and ISI Web of Knowledge for the years 1996 to 2016 identified 32 publications reporting the investigation of PCL for genome-wide copy number alterations, by means of comparative genomic hybridization techniques and whole genome and exome sequencing. For 449 samples from 22 publications, copy number variation data was accessible for sample based meta-analysis. Summary profiles for genomic imbalances, generated from case-specific data, identified complex genomic imbalances, which could discriminate between different subtypes of CL and promise a more accurate classification. The collected data presented in this study are publicly available through the “Progenetix” online repository.


qingyao  2018-09-20
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