Local Jekyll based website generation, starting from the Github “minimal” theme

In an ideal scenario, your Github served website could be build locally, with the same output structure and layout.

However, you need to install a local version of the theme first & get this to be compiled by Jekyll. And there may be differences - e.g. custom css links may not be added to the Github site, but recognised in your custom build etc. Still working on this… The Github page has some more information (but see OS X comment below).

The sudo in the following commands may not be rtequired, depending on your setup.

sudo gem install jekyll bundler rouge
sudo gem install github-pages

On OS X with homebrew there is (was? encountered 2018-04-06, OS X 10.13.4) a configuration problem when building the “nokogiri” component. A workaround is to de-install “xz”, and run the install again (thanks to the comments by halostatue on Github nokogiri!).

brew uninstall --ignore-dependencies --force xz
sudo gem install github-pages
brew install xz

Change to your site’s source directory, and then:

bundle install

… to install the specific components.

From this site directory, you issue:

jekyll build

… to generate the html file structure, or

jekyll serve --incremental

… to run a server. Which should then answer with (more stuff) and

Server address:

Please see the Jekyll documentation for more options (e.g. how to generate your site into a specific target directory).