Some Regular Expressions and more…

This page contains some regular expressions which have come in handy during our work. Code is in Perl style syntax.

Some Wikis use a [[_link_][_label_]] notion, e.g. [[][Progenetix resource]]. The following regular expression swaps those to Markdown links [Progenetix resource](, assuming they don’t have a ] in their link or label…:


The following regular expression Markdown links [Progenetix resource]( to HTML code, assuming there are no ] or ) in link or label…:

/\[([^\]]+?)\]\(([^\)]+?)\)/<a href="$2" target="_BLANK">$1</a>/g
Swapping columns in a file

This is a nifty Perl one-liner, to re-arrange columns in a text file. Taken from a post on StackOverflow

In the example, -F\\t is for “tab-delimited”; @F[1,0,2..$#F] leads to columns (rather values per line) 1 and 2 being swapped (i.e. index 0 and 1), and 3 to last being left in place.

perl -F\\t -nlae 'print join("\t", @F[1,0,2..$#F])' inputfile

Based on this example it should also be easy to remove columns or change the delimiter…

Michael  2018-07-20
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