Federated discovery and sharing of genomic data using Beacons

Miroslav Cupak , Stephen Keenan , Jordi Rambla , Sabela de la Torre , Stephanie Dyke , Anthony Brookes , Knox Carey , David Lloyd , Peter Goodhand , Maximilian Haeussler , Michael Baudis , Heinz Stockinger , Lena Dolman , Ilkka Lappalainen , Juha Törnroos , Mikael Linden , John Spalding , Saif Ur-Rehman , Angela Page , Paul Flicek , Susheel Varma , Gary Saunders , Serena Scollen , Stephen Sherry , David Haussler , Beacon Project Team

Nat Biotechnol (2019), accepted 2019-01-23

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DNA copy number imbalances in primary cutaneous lymphomas (PCL)

Gug G, Huang Q, Chiticariu E, Solovan C and Baudis M (2019)

JEADV, 2019-01-19.

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Enabling population assignment from cancer genomes with SNP2pop.

Huang Q and Baudis M. (2019)

bioRxiv, 2019-01-14. (first version 2018-07-14)

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DNA copy number imbalances in primary cutaneous lymphomas (PCL)

Gug G, Huang Q, Chiticariu E, Solovan C and Baudis M (2018)

bioRxiv, 2018-09-14. doi:10.1101/417766

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Registered access: authorizing data access

Dyke SOM, Linden M, Lappalainen I, De Argila JR, Carey K, Lloyd D, Spalding JD, Cabili MN, Kerry G, Foreman J, Cutts T, Shabani M, Rodriguez LL, Haeussler M, Walsh B, Jiang X, Wang S, Perrett D, Boughtwood T, Matern A, Brookes AJ, Cupak M, Fiume M, Pandya R, Tulchinsky I, Scollen S, Törnroos J, Das S, Evans AC, Malin BA, Beck S, Brenner SE, Nyrönen T, Blomberg N, Firth HV, Hurles M, Philippakis AA, Rätsch G, Brudno M, Boycott KM, Rehm HL, Baudis M, Sherry ST, Kato K, Knoppers BM, Baker D, and Flicek P

European Journal of Human Genetics (2018)

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Mountains and Chasms - Surveying the Oncogenomic Publication Landscape

Carrio Cordo P and Baudis M. (2018)

Preprints 2018, 2018070618 (doi: 10.20944/preprints201807.0618.v1).
Oncology (2018; online Oct 26)

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Population assignment from cancer genome profiling data.

Huang Q and Baudis M. (2018)

bioRxiv, 2018-07-14. doi:10.1101/368647

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Website changes - now locally hosted …

To unify the general website handling processes, I’ve implemented some changes:

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Public site removed from Github

The site noe resides on Dropbox and is locally created/updated.

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Launch of new baudisgroup resource site

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